frequently asked questions


On this page we have collected the most popular questions, so that you could easily find the answer for almost any question you may have.

  • How much does it cost to download and use PeaceBeUponYou app?
  • Is PeaceBeUponYou app available in my country?
  • Why is PeaceBeUponYou only available for Android smartphones and not iOS?
  • Where is the content PeaceBeUponYou from?
  • Does PeaceBeUponYou app require user login or sign-up?
  • What other types of content will you add on to PeaceBeUponYou app?
  • We are interested in partnering with PeaceBeUponYou to provide Islamic content. Where do we start?
There is no fee required to download or use PeaceBeUponYou app.
Please check your Google Playstore to find out if PeaceBeUponYou app is available at your location/country.
We are currently working on PeaceBeUponYou app for iOS and right now we look at July at the target release date.
PeaceBeUponYou is developed by Madcat World Sdn. Bhd. based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Content of the app was produced by different sources including Madcat World and our partners such as Milo Productions and International Islamic University College Selangor (KUIS). For the feature to help users find halal restaurants and musollas, the content is crowdsourced from Foursquare.
No. Currently ALL content on PeaceBeUponYou mobile app can be accessed directly without having to sign-up or log-in. It’s that simple!
In a near future, we will add new content of discussion which will be interactive. For this specific feature, users who would like to enter a discussion or submit a question and/or a response, will be required to sign-in.
PeaceBeUponYou app was just launched in late May 2016. Our team at Madcat World plans to continuously add values to the app through new content. We are planning to bring on board certain content for Muslim children as well as some audio/visual programs from a partner.
We welcome any ideas for content. If you have an idea for new content to be added to PeaceBeUponYou, you may send us an email at or go to our Contact page to use the form to send us your message.